The ultimate undergrip. It is the result of four years of work by the ARIV Sport R&D department. Absorbs 70% of vibrations and weighs only 4 grams. Validated by laboratory tests. Prevents arm injuries such as epicondylitis. Improves the grip of the racket and facilitates play. Tested by professional padel and tennis players and monitors, whose testimonials validate the effectiveness of the ARIV undergrip. Its characteristics make it a unique product on the market. The ARIV undergrip range starts with ARIV undergrip padel V.4, in the future new versions will be developed for both padel and tennis. Never stop playing!

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P01A ARIV undergrip padel V.4

22,00 incl. VAT
ARIV V.4 Paddle Undergrip The ultimate undergrip. Prevents arm injuries by absorbing up to 70% of vibrations. Undergrip made of organic material: - Approved by medical specialists - Tested in specialised centres - Certified by professional players. - Average duration of ariv undergrip padel V.4 of 6-8 months, with a frequency of play of 4 matches per week. - Absorbs an average of 70% of vibrations. - Facilitates racket grip. - Improves ball striking. NOW, SPECIAL PROMOTION: With the purchase of your ARIV undergrip V.4, we will give you a HEAD XTREME SOFT overgrip for free.. It provides high sensitivity and extremely good absorption. Prevents injuries and improves the stroke with ARIV undergrip V.4 and increases grip and absorption with HEAD overgrip Xtreme Soft. Never stop playing!

P06A Pack 2 unidades ARIV Pádel V.4

40,00 incl. VAT
ARIV V.4 Paddle Undergrip Undergrip de material orgánico - Aprobado por médicos especialistas - Testado en centros especializados - Certificado por jugadores profesionales. - Duración media de ARIV undergrip pádel V.4 de 5-6 meses, con una frecuencia de juego de 4 partidos a las semana - Absorbe una media del 70% de las vibraciones. - Facilita el agarre de la raqueta. - Mejora el golpeo de la bola.